Dragon Touch i10X Windows 10 Tablet Review

In the recent era of technology, there is a laptop or tablet and certainly the inevitable phone. However, in most instances, individuals require all the three electronics for productivity purposes. Accordingly, tablets and phone screens are smaller in terms of accomplishing realm tasks. In addition, the virtual keyboard takes up half of the machines capacity and whatever is left is a tiny space for viewing and typing.

Most organizations or individuals find this to be quite challenging. The primary goal is comfort and portability without compromising on productivity. Currently, there is the Tablet Express Dragon Touch i10X Tablet. The Dragon Touch i10X tablet is one of the major contributions of Windows 10. The gadget is a fully-fledged version of Windows 10, and it incorporates a free year of Office 365 including PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Accordingly, this gadget provides various capabilities of a full laptop computer. It is a convertible tablet that incorporates a two-in-one solution. The assertion below presents the review of the Dragon Touch i10X tablet.



Product Description

Two-in-one convertible laptop and tablet

The Dragon Touch i10X tablet comes with a detachable keyboard that makes it easy to convert the electronic device from a tablet into a laptop. In addition, the keyboard cover provides support to the device to providing a greater viewing angle. This aspect is a must have for diversified high-tech users who needs the tablet for business purposes.


Intel Bay Trail Quad Core Electronic Processor

A reliable Intel Quad Core CPU means that the device can run its processes four times the speed of universally standard single core CPU processors. More, it maintains its power efficiency.


Windows 10

The tablet comes with the Microsoft ft Windows 10 OS. The Windows 10 OS presents the Windows world to the users. More, it incorporates the windows store that provides various applications.


10.1-inch laptop screen

The machine features a 10.1-inch IPS display that incorporates 1280×800 screen resolution that delivers a wider angle of view. In addition, it presents all-around clear and vivid screen contents. Any user gets a clear view from every angle and its decent screen makes the display more cool. This screen is also safe and wont easily crack in case of any mishandling. Its a medium screen that makes the laptop more efficient.


Additional features

The device comes with free Microsoft Office 365 that incorporates Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It also features the Micro SD card slot as well as the USB Bluetooth 4.0 app. All these aspects present the multiple ways through which it can be connected to improve its functionality. More, it also comes with a G-sensor, 64 GB and 2GB RAM that enables it to perform several tasks simultaneously as well as to store multiple files.




· Intel BayTrail Quad Core processor

· Microsoft Windows 10

· 10.1-inch screen with up to 1280×800 resolutions

· 2GB RAM and 64 GB memory

· Wireless HDMI, Bluetooth

· G-sensor


Pros of the Dragon Touch i10X Tablet tech

The machines processor that incorporates the reliable Intel Quad Core that provides the user with a powerful tablet. Its 4 cores with speeds of up to 1.33GHz give the users an accelerated performance to making the machine appear responsive. Users get to enjoy the minimal lag that comes with the gadget. In addition, one gets to enjoy the smooth launch of apps.

Accordingly, its 2GB RAM also helps to enhance its performance. Overall, the larger the RAM, the faster and the more the machine can load multiple applications simultaneously. In most cases, the 2GB RAM is top-notch for various tablets. By using this device, the users get to enjoy its high-tech ability to switch swiftly between apps.

The machines 6GB storage translates to the number of documents, files, music and apps that the user gets to store directly into the machine. In the case of various business individuals with huge files, the gadget comes with an extra Micro SD memory slot that can hold up to a maximum of 32GB. Its 10.1 IPS display is comprehensive for most users. This is because the display incorporates sharp and crisp on screen messages with rich colors. These aspects make the screen viewable either from an angle or from the side.

The tablet’s Windows 10 operating system offers the user with the experience of a classical Window that allows them to run multiple programs including the Microsoft Office. More, the users get to enjoy its one-year full subscription to the Microsoft Office 365 which offers the Excel, PowerPoint and Word programs.

Using the Windows on the Dragon Touch i10X tablet provides an experience of unmatched expectations. Typing using the Dragon Touch i10X tablet has ever been easy. The tablet’s keyboard cover makes typing of documents quite simple and natural.

In addition, users don’t have to worry about carrying the keyboard around as it automatically connects to the tablet via a magnetic closure. More, its case can be propped up to adjust the screen for a comfortable view. The thickness and weight of the tablet allow for portability. Even with the incorporated keyboard case, users still finds it easy to carry it around as compared to a laptop.

More, its two powerful cameras allow users to make Skype calls while on businesses well as to take photos. Its pre-applied screen protectors are a relief for most users who particularly finds this quite challenging. In addition, the tabs great battery durability allows the machine to run for up to eight hours of video play.

Cons of the Dragon Touch i10X tablet tech

Similar to other electronics, this tablet comes with a Micro USB port. However, the USB port doesn’t support charging functions. Users cannot use this port for charging purposes. Instead, they get to use the additional 2.5mm barrel charger that comes with the machine.

Even though the tablet comes with two speakers that are situated at the back, its sound quality is way below top-notch. Most users who prefer listening to music or watching movies may be forced to use headphones or external speakers for quality sounds.


Final Verdict

Generally, unlike other electronics of similar niche, the performance of the Dragon Touch i10X tablet is responsive to both swipe and touch. Despite its limitations, it has form significant aspects for entertainment and reading and connections for great business productivity.