Akaso X5C Bundle 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter review

Akaso X5C Bundle

Are you looking for a high quality, durable and easy to control quadcopter? Well, if that is the case then you have come to the right place. Selecting a quadcopter can be very tough considering the many brands. There is no doubt that AKASO X5C is among the best quadcopters on the market. The device comes with many attractive features that will make you to fall in love with. To start with, it has training wheels that make it suitable for both experience persons as well as beginners who want to enjoy flying. The controls of the device are easy thus making it ideal for new users. To find out more about this product, read on.

AKASO X5C bundle is not only a lightweight but also a durable quadcopter that will impress you. Its propellers are well protected using a plastic frame making it good for any form of collision you are likely to encounter when flying from one point to another. It is made up of removable hull as well as blade guards. This means that you can use the machine for both indoor and outdoor flying. The device offers high speed flying that you are not likely to realize if you opted to choose another quadcopter on the market. You can easily push its speed control button to switch the gadget to the high performance mode. Once the machine is stable, you can make it perform different tricks up/down//left/right through an angle of 360 degrees. To get started, follow these steps.

• Insert your batteries into the device
• Plug it in the right receptacle (ensure that the battery has been fully charged)
• Make sure that remote control left throttle stick is located all down before inserting your batteries and then turn on the remote.
• Wait for some seconds to determine whether the devices are going to sync or not. You will hear three beeps once the devices have synced
• Go to the next step if the devices are not synced
• On the remote control’s left throttle stick, push it upwards and then downwards in a quick manner

Built-in 6-axis gyro quad-rotor
The feature ensures stability, easy control as well as strong resistance to wind and other weather conditions you are going to subject the device to.

360-degree flip
You only need to press the key and then you will realize a 360 degree flip. The continuous roll action ensures powerful performance of the unit at the end of the day.

The built in LED light
The flashing LED lights ensures that you have a wonderful flight experience under different light conditions. With the LED lights in place, do not wait until daytime before flying the quadcopter.

The quadcopter comes with a power button. This makes it unique since other products on the market do not have this feature. When you turn the power button on, the LED lights will end up lighting and then flashing throughout the flight session. This shows that your RC quadcopter is ready to be flown. Since the manufacturer has include LED lights on the machine, you can fly it under different light conditions including at night. The only problem is that you might manage to film anything if you opt to fly the device at night.

HD Camera
Although the quality of the camera is not good when compared to some of the top brands on the market, it is not that bad for filming. The camera of this device of 1.3 megapixels and can offer a maximum image of 1280×960. To use the camera of this quadcopter, you should press the video button locate on the transmitted only once. After pressing, the device will indicated LED display on the Camera’s underside. This is a sign that your camera is working.

The quadcopter comes with a 2.4 GHz transmitter that controls it. This simply means that you will not experience any form of interference from any other transmitter. This makes it a perfect choice if you want to use more than one device in the same place. The transmitter uses 4 AA that you need to purchase since they are not included in the package. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a large package of batteries because they play an immense role when it comes to flying these devices. The quadcopters range is around 300 feet from your transmitter. It is good not to exceed that since the harsh winds can interfere with your flying experience. In addition, you are likely to end up losing your device because of the strong winds blowing in the area. The transmitter has been designed with a button to allow for 360 degree flips. The button is easy to use hence making it a breeze to fly your quadcopter.

The manufacturer has included a USB cable that can be used to charge the device before flying. Therefore, you can connect the device to your computer to charge it. However, it does not come with a wall charge like other brands. The li-Po battery take a duration of about one hour in order to charge to full capacity.

What does the package include?
• Manual
• Screwdriver
• MicroSD card
• Extra blades
• TF card reader
• LiPO 3.7 V 500mAh battery
• USB Connection Cable

Pros of the quadcopter
• Easy controls
• Setting up the quadcopter is simple
• Has a camera that allows to take videos as well as pictures
• It can perform 360 degrees flip
• It has the headless mode setting that make it easier to use by experience as well as novice
• Solider protection to resist collision

Cons of the quadcopter
• The camera video quality is poor
• The battery does not last long
• It is so light such that the wind can blow it away
• The battery is also difficult to open and close
In summary, AKASO X5C is an easy to use and durable quadcopter that rarely disappoints. Whether you are a newbie or experienced pilot, this device has something that will impress you. It has a manual to help get started as soon as you have purchase. Although it requires assembly, the process is simple, thanks to the instructions included in the manual provided in the package. To purchase the device, you can check with online store and enjoy an amazing flying experience.

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  • Built-in 6 Axis Gyro: strong stability, can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control
  • Solider protection: the propeller blades are protected by high quality frames which decrease impacts from collision effectively
  • 360-degree Flip: Do incredible 3D flips and rolls with just the push of a button. While flashing LED lights enables good flight experience at night. It’s a good view when you play stunt at night
  • Built-in HD camera: allows recording video or taking images. Capture your friends and family from aerial view shots and see the world from a new angle. The AKASO K88 is controlled by a 2.4GHz transmitter, which is interference-free. It will not be interfered by other quadcopters
  • Designed for all users and easy for beginners: 6-axis design makes the gyroscope adjustable & stable. Controller uses 2.4GHz frequency for quicker and improved control while consuming less battery. 360 degree flips, adjustable speed mode function & LED Lights.