KingPad K90 9” Quad Core Google Android 4.4.4 9” Quad Core 8 GB Dual Camera Tablet PC Reviews


The KingPad K90 9” Quad Core Dual Camera Tablet features a light-weight and slim design that makes it highly portable. They are operate at twice speed as compared with the duo core as they are equipped with a Quad-core Rockchip RK3128 CPU and are fluent for gaming or video watching. It is the best tablet for interacting with friends and members of your family. The Quad Core 8 GB tablet comes with the Android 4.4 KitKat that ensures multitasking and high support of popular entertaining apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat among others. It also includes a microUSB port support that allows connection with an external keyboard, printer, and mouse, among others. You can also pair the device with other Bluetooth devices such as a headset, Bluetooth speakers, among others.


– 8 GB Storage

– 512MB RAM

– Quad Core 4x 1.3 Ghz

– Dual camera

– 9” Multi-touch screen 1024×600 HD

– Google Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)

– Wireless N (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth, Mini HDMI G-sensor.


1. Robust Quad Core CPU: it features a robust Quad Core CPU, which can run up to 4x 1.3 Ghz. The excellent speed is necessary for faster operation experience such as faster apps boot up very quickly.

2. Android 4.4.4: it is equipped with the latest version of Android, which allows faster multi-tasking, making the user interface simple to operate and more convenient. The newly released version of Android also supports advanced features such as emoji everywhere, voice search, etc.

3. Accessible and easy to operate applications: it comes with preinstalled applications such as Google play Store where you can download thousands of apps such as games apps like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, among others. If you find your memory can not hold all the applications that you wish to download, you can add another 32 GB extra space to store videos, songs, photos as well as other files.

4. Dual Camera: KingPad K90 are designed to enable you to snap pictures easily or the take videos of real time scenarios and even share them with friends via video chatting applications available on your phone.

5. 1-year limited warranty: the one-year limited warranty offered by the KingPad K90 offers guarantee quality. They also feature a high responsive customer service and technical support that will handle any problem you can be experiencing within few hours.

Customer Review:

Different users of KingPad K90 have written fair and unbiased reviews about the product. After studying various reports from different users, we learn about a number features that bring real experience about the product.

With a quad core processor, regular web browsing and content consumptions work flawlessly. The Dual Camera tablet is budget friendly as it is priced at about $100 and the Kingpad ships their devices to your doorstep for free, which mean that you will not incur an extra cost. Most users have also reported a better viewing angle as compared with earlier models that had washed colors at some certain angles.

Most users appreciate that fact that the Quad Core 8-GB tablet offers efficient access to Google play store that offers thousand of applications at their fingertips. Most of the users test the tablet with Google Earth, which features demanding graphics. The fact that the Google Earth loads smoothly show that most other applications can run without any problem. Most users who like music find the tablet a great music center as it features BT connectivity that allows them to link up speakers and headphones wirelessly.

A number of users cage the quality of the product using the warranty period. Most of them terms the KingPad K90 has genuine as it comes with a one year warranty and if the tablet is damaged on arrival you will get a full refund within 30 days of purchase. However, if the product has been tempered with, the customer may lose a certain percentage depending on the condition of the product.


– Apart from faster start-up, the KingPad K90 features a shaper start-up screen that includes vibrant colors.

– With a faster processor, KingPad K90 plays most online videos such as Netflix, Amazon videos, Hulu Plus as well as others without any lag.

– It is perfect for gaming as it plays any of the Google play games with ease. However, it may take some minutes to download some heavy games with a lot of graphics.

– It features a double camera with both forward and back camera offering quality images that do not lock blurry.


Although there is no pressing issue that has been reported about the KingPad K90, there some few disadvantages that have been recorded among the users. These include:

– Due to high capabilities and applications that run on the tablet, the battery of this device seems to run faster and lower the screen brightness and eventually close background applications.

– Sometimes the preinstalled Amazon app is not updated, but if uninstalled and installed an updated one, it will work fine.

– It comes with a moderate sound, which can be annoying to those who like extreme load noise. Users, however, can pair with Bluetooth speakers or headphones if they need authentic sound.


To sum up, the main features of the KingPad K90 include Android 4.4, 7” multi-touch display 1024 x 600 HDQuad core 4 x 1.3 GH, 8GB storage space, Bluetooth, wireless N(802.11 b/g/n) technology, 512 RAM, Dual Camera and Mini HDMIG-sensor. It is designed to allow quick links with friends and members of the family as it includes the popular social site applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, which are completely sustainable. With this tablet, you can easily communicate with your family and friends. It features a micro USB port that supports link with many input and output devices such as an exterior keyboard, printer, and computer mouse, etc.

The light-weight and slim body KingPad K90 is designed to be extremely portable with the 9-inch size that is ideal for matching with a handbag, college bag, and even your pocket. It features a quad-core CPU (Rockchip RK3128, 4×1.3 Ghz) that enable faster execution ensuring that applications are running at as twice speed as compared to other duo core processors. It comes with 8-GB internal memory, where you can download and install thousands of electronic ebooks, apps, Google play and many applications. In case you desire a lot more space, you can still expand the memory to 32GB via micro SD card.、

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AKASO X8C 2.4GHz 4.5CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with HD Camera, 360-degree Rolling Mode 2 RTF LED RC Spy Drone review


The AKASOX8C quadcopter is a large and stable drone that is capable providing high-flying aerial shots. If you’re looking for a quadcopter with protectors and improved durability, then AKASO X8C drone is the one to go for. It has been designed with protectors to guard it from bumps and bruises during the flight. One of the main benefits of this drone is it’s 100-meter range. This capability allows you to capture amazing aerial footage. Also, due to its large size, the RC drone can hold itself when flown in the wind. Even though it is bigger in size, this quad is lightweight and can fly fairly well. It also has an LCD that provides the user with more information concerning various functions. When it comes to signal, this drone has strong signal which you can pick easily when it’s far away. However, it has a height limiter that prevents it from going too far up where it can loose connection with the controller.

Features and Specifications

. AKASO X8C drone is designed for all users and its also easy to operate for beginners. It’s 6-axis design gyroscope makes it adjustable and stable. The controller uses a 2.4GHz frequency for a faster and improved control while consuming less battery power.

. Has Built-in HD Camera – The HD camera allows the users to take shots and videos while flying. That means you can easily capture your family and friends from aerial view shots. The drone is controlled by a powerful 2.4GHz transmitter that is interference-free. This eliminates interference by other quadcopters. Another impressive feature about this transmitter is its range, which is 100+ meters.

. 360-Degree Flip – With this drone, you can do incredible 3D flips and roll it by a push of a button. The flashing LED lights provides an excellent flight experience at night. You will get some great view anytime you play stunt at night.

. More solider protection – The X8C quadcopter has propeller blades that are protected using high quality frames that help to reduce impacts from collision effectively.

. 4.5CH – comes with a 6 Axis Gyro – It’s channel provides strong stability, strong wind resistance, easier to implement different flights and easier to control.
High Flight Performance

With it’s propellers safely guarded by plastic frame, this drone is suitable for flying either indoors and outdoors. Propellers are about 9 inches long and they’re made of very high quality material. It’s flight time is between 5 and 7 minutes with flight distance ranging between 50 and 150 meters.

Colorful Lights

The X8C drone has lights on the underside that allows you to know the front and rear at night or in a dark place. The controller pairs quite easily and has controls for the HD camera for taking videos or photos. The battery compartment for AKASO X8C is very clean, and can fit a 2,000mAh battery perfectly without having to jostle around in the mid-flight. Additionally, X8C also comes with the red/green LED lights which help you to easily track your drone during the night flight.
Flight Mode

AKASO X8C has various flight modes that makes it easier to maneuver it. By pushing the speed button, the quadcopter goes to high performance mode. When stable, you can get the drone to do more tricks. Some of the maneuvers include upward and downward, rightward and leftwards and the 360 degrees roll, among others.

Headless Mode

The AKASO X8C offers a unique feature commonly known as Headless Mode. This is basically a feature that takes away the worries of orientation of the drone, which actually makes it easier to control your drone. In addition, the control is pretty straightforward, just configure the quad so that its front is definitely your front before the takeoff. When it comes to direction, you can either press right or left to move your drone to the direction you want.

. Propeller protectors – AKASO X8C propeller blades are well protected by high quality frames that minimize any possible of damage from the collision. The frames are placed slightly below the propeller.

. Controls – The controller can be operated easily by all users and even the beginners. By a push of a button, you can flip or roll the drone in whichever way you want. It’s also possible to turn the quad to any direction either left or right.

. 6-Axis Gyroscope – This feature adds to the benefits of this drone. It provides better stability, resistance to wind and easier to control. In addition, it consumes less battery power.

. Applicable in both indoor and outdoor areas – With this drone, you don’t have to worry about taking photos or video at the indoor place. It performs well for any indoor function.

. HD Camera – It has in-built camera that helps the users to amazing aerial shots and videos. Its a neat looking camera which is almost the size of a GoPro.

. Lightweight – The AKASO X8C quad is a lightweight drone, which means you easily move it around on the ground and can gain height quickly within a few minutes.

. The drone provides tons of power, great stabilization and descent flight time. It’s transmitter range is also great which is way above the average for any drone that is priced under $100.

. AKASO X8C is also affordable.

. Camera quality is average for this drone

. It’s also a little bit tricky to maneuver X8C especially the beginners.

. Due to its large size, it can be very unforgiving during a crash.

. It takes a little longer to charge an X8C battery – can take up to 180 minutes.

AKASO X8C is a revolutionary quadcopter compared to many other similar drones. It comes with many benefits that you will enjoy as a first time user or experienced user. You will definitely love to take great pictures from different angles and also enjoy to see the world from different positions. It’s also durable meaning that you’re looking forward to get a long service from this equipment. The drone is also cheap, so you have to break the bank to get one. Compared to many other drones, this is the best bet to go for if you are planning to buy affordable quadcopter. It’s definitely a value for your money.

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