Dragon Touch Y88X plus Best kids Tablet 2016 Pre installed with Bonus Disney Games App Reviews


Children enjoy playing PC games and almost 8 out 10 kids spend a huge chunk of their time playing different kinds of computer games. There are also several digital gaming devices that are now available to enhance your little ones’ gaming experience. Dragon Touch Y88X plus aces this list of games as both the kids and their parents are equally fascinated by the game. Since the last couple of years, it has also made a massive impact in the market. Kids love this game because of its cool tweaks and amazing graphics. So in case you’re planning to buy this product, here’s a quick scoop on its features and functionalities. Check this out to take a more informed and well thought out decision for your little ones.

Features at a glance

The most impressive part of choosing this tablet is simply the fact that it is meant for both the little ones and their parents. Coming pre-installed with Zoodles, you can always be sure that the device is safe for your kids and they won’t stumble upon any adult content on the internet.

Backed up with a CPU that offers Quad Core functionality, the tablet amplifies your kids’ gaming experience. It is suitable for kids of every age and the cool interface makes the game tad more fun for them. The tablet is easy to use and your kids can play both fun games and educational ones. They can adapt the zoodle according to their skill level and age for a better gaming experience.

What impressed us more about the tablet; is the fact that it can be used for reading and watching online videos. The picture quality is in high resolution which further delivers the best kinds of content. It also comes with a specific Parents only feature which lets you guide your kids throughout the game, while they move through the levels and finally become experts.

Since the device is meant for your little ones, it also comes with a couple of protective features. The kid proof case of the tablet makes it an amazing product in terms of durability and longevity. The external part of the tablet is made from soft silicone which is both harmless and environment friendly. Additionally, it is also susceptible to the regular wear and tear. The entire product is free from toxic elements and the soft touch feature makes it even more awesome. Proper customer and technical support is also offered by the company which ensures that any glitch you experience while using the device is catered right away.


Technical specifications

The device is equipped with an Android 5.1 operating system, which unlike the 4.4 version presents an entirely new brand design. It also improves the energy efficiency of the product. The 1 GB RAM further helps in faster loading and downloading of apps. It helps your kids to multitask on this tablet without any lags. Most importantly, it renders a smooth and glitch free gaming experience for your little ones. The IPS screen is another cool feature that provides crisp and crystal clear display with wider view angles. This in turn, makes it tad more enjoyable for the kids and also one of the, best kid tablet that you could ever think of.

Advantages and pros

Well, the most remarkable advantage of using this product is simply because it comes loaded with fun and exciting Disney Games. Your kids will totally love these cool and amazing games. Additionally, it also has a couple of ebooks: The Deluxe Storybook of Inside Out, Fire & Rescue and Big Hero 6. While the games entertain them, these ebooks render an amazing learning experience.

The tablet also comes with over 40,000 pre approved content and clips from Youtube. This is specifically done to ensure your kids are never bored from the game. There’s absolutely no dearth of new content, and your little ones get to try them out once in a while.

Another impressive aspect here would be the kid friendly front and rear camera. They would totally love to explore and create with this tweak.

Final verdict

Well, with these amazing features and tweaks this kids tablet is indeed one of the best products ever. Get this for your kids to keep them entertained. The play and learn experience will truly amuse them.

AKASO EK7000 Ultra HD 4K WIFI 170 Degree Wide Sports Action Camera review


If you’re an adrenaline junkie and are into surfing, cycling or skiing, then the perfect way to record your adventure from your point of view is through an action camera. There are tons of videos online posted by action camera users showcasing their experience. Using action camera’s bring out a more realistic feel to the video. They are high-quality video producing cameras which are light in weight, are small in size and can survive almost any condition. They can be mounted or fixed directly to your helmet, surfboard, your chest or can be placed in a housing, making it a rugged and durable choice for extreme sport enthusiasts.
There are many action camera’s that have flooded the market recently, but one must keep in mind the following pointers before making any decision.

– A wide field of view that creates a good immersive effect and equates roughly to the field of human eyesight. – It should be tough enough to shoot in any condition. – It should be small in size and light in weight – High battery life as many factors like temperature, wifi, resolution have a big impact on it. – High fps for a smoother and good quality slow motion videos. – Built in Wi-Fi – Waterproof

AKASO EK7000 Action Camera


– The EK7000 gives an ultra HD 4K recording, providing a sharp and high resolution picture quality. It has a high frame rate of 4K 25fps and 2.7K 30 fps.

– AKASO EK7000 has capturing abilities, having a speed of 30 fps. It has modes like single photo, time lapse and burst photos.

– The camera has a 170 degree wide angle view.

– It has inbuilt WIFI which allows you to connect your device with computers, tablets, smartphones. The camera can be controlled by WIFI through a distance of 15m.

– Different modes like photo, video , burst photo can be selected with the use of a remote control. You can also shift among these modes at your own convenience.

Inside the box
– USB Cable – AC Charger
– Manual – Tethers
– Helmet Mounts
– Clip
– Waterproof Case
– 1050 mAh Battery
– Remote Control
– Lens Cloth
– Protective Backdoor
– Bicycle Stand
– AKASO EK7000

– The EK7000 is very economical with a price which is under hundred dollars. Also, as they work with GoPro you get around twenty dollars worth of mounts of GoPro make. So for those who want a taste of action cameras, this is one of the best choices for a beginner.

– The picture quality is very sharp and equivalent to any old GoPro camera.

– The video quality is amazing at full 1080P, most camera’s in the same price range can do 30 fps but the AKASO EK7000 can do 60. The video is full of color and depth, providing a very bright and vibrant video. The sound quality is also very nice.

– With a 170 degree wide view, you can capture action sports and family videos with ease.

– It is very compatible with GoPro mounts and spare batteries are easily available online for this camera even though you do get an extra battery in the box.

– The waterproof housing is great and can work up to 8 hours.

– The manual is easy to read and the instruction really helps you out with the camera. The modes are easy to navigate with the remote control.

The camera has 4 times the resolution compared to a traditional HD camera, which helps you to capture and share your adventures in great resolutions. The wireless wrist remote control helps you shift to through modes swiftly, helping you capture your moment in the style you want. You can take photos, capture videos, use burst mode just with a press of a button. It comes with an extra 1050 mAh battery so that your adventure is not interrupted as each battery has a life of about 90 minutes. WIFI is inbuilt which helps you share your videos with anyone, you can download the EZ iCam application on your personal device like a phone or tablet and sync it with your action camera. It also has a built in HDMI slot for your own use. The camera is waterproof up to 30m and is rugged in design, making it easier for use in any kind of environment. There are extra accessories which you get with this device that are of great help and that also at such a great price. The mountings and accessories help you to convert the camera for any kind of indoor or outdoor activity.

So all in all this camera at such a great price is a very a good choice for any adventurer. With no bad review about the performance or durability the AKASO EK7000 (Amazon)is a winner.