Dragon Touch X9 9” Google Android 4.4.4 Quad Core Dual Camera 8 GB Tablet PC Reviews


Dragon Touch X9 is a 9” tablet Pc which exceeds the expectations of the users who have used other budget devices since many years. This tablet has a number of things which you may not find even in today’s most of the modern mobile devices like quad core processor and dual camera. It is the best tablet if you are looking for an entry level low cost tablet for your kids. They can use it to practice the apps of their school, checking emails, surfing on web world and occasionally watching videos on YouTube etc. In this way Dragon Touch is much better than an iPad or a LeapPad tablet in many ways.

Robust processor: Dragon Touch X9 is provided with a strong Quad Core CPU RK3128 that offers experience of faster operation while booting apps by running up to 4 x 1.3 GHz i.e. four times faster than single core processor and double than a dual core processor.
Android operating system: A newly released operating system, Android 4.4.4, is provided in it to allow multi-tasking at faster speed. Its user interface is simpler and more convenient. All the new features like voice search and emoji everywhere etc. can be enjoyed easily.
Multi-touch technology: The use of fingers has been made easier by using capacitive multi-touch technology in this tablet. It allows you to download thousands of apps and games from Google Play Store like Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja etc. The micro SD card slot provided on this tablet allows you to add extra space up to 32GB to store the files of videos, songs and photos etc.
Dual camera: The dual camera provide on this tablet allows you to take pictures and videos of the real world and share it with your friends.
Wi-Fi connectivity: This tablet keeps you connected Wi-Fi even on the go. You can do text as well as video chatting with your friends anytime.

Warranty: A limited period 1 year warranty for technical support and services like updating the firmware frequently is provided to US local customers to guarantee their satisfaction. You can contact them if any question arises in your mind regarding the working of this tablet.

The specifications of Dragon Touch X9 include:
KitKat Google Android 4.4.4 operating system
Multi-touch 9” screen with 1024×600 HD resolution
Quad Core processor unit with 4 x 1.3 GHz speed
Storage space of 8 GB and RAM of 512MB
Bluetooth, Mini HDMI and Wireless N (802.11b/g/n)
Dual Camera

Design of Dragon Touch
Dragon Touch x9 is a lightweight tablet which is taller than its width. Its plastic back has moulded stitching on the back and a bit flexible at the centre and the opening near its speaker. Though its looks a cheap tablet but some of its parts are strong enough to keep it safe even if it is dropped accidently on your carpet. The dual camera of this tablet allows you to take pictures and videos from both the sides as per your suitability. The openings on its top include speaker/headphone port, charger port, micro SD port and mini HDML port. On its side there are volume and power control buttons. There is one dock on the bottom of its screen that include icons for back, volume, page and home windows another dock is on the top end of the screen including icons for camera, settings, apps, browser, app management, volume and Google play.

Users’ reviews on performance of Dragon Touch X9
Set Up: The set up of this tablet was found easy to operate as it can be booted smoothly without any technical issue. It took few minutes to set up MyGoogle account and Wi-Fi connection to upload some apps for the use of their kids.
Display: The display of Dragon Touch X9 was found satisfactory in comparison to the other mobile devices of this class. Its brightly coloured display with 1024×600 HD resolution is lit decently to work greatly in normal indoor light. The brightness of its display changes very slightly, even if it is reduced by 50%. Its screen allows you to read books or watch movies without straining your eyes due to its large size.
Speed: The speed of this tablet is fairly good as runs on Quad Core processor unit with 4 x 1.3 GHz speed. Kids and adults can easily upload apps and other files to help them in multiple tasking for their respective business. Along with it they can smoothly and seamlessly upload or stream and watch YouTube and other videos of their interest through this tablet.
Battery Life: The life of the battery of this tablet is better than many other in its class. You can increase its battery life by reducing its brightness by 50%.
Camera: though the dual camera of Dragon Touch x9 allows you to take pictures and videos from both of its sides but it needs good lighting to get good results. In this way, camera is the weakest point of this tablet. In order to get quality pictures in indoor location you will have to use halogen lamp light.
Speaker: The speaker of this tablet is its another weak point. You cannot enjoy watching movies on this tablet unless you have a Bluetooth speaker or headphones as the sound with its in-built speaker is not clearly audible as it is neither very good not very loud.

On the whole, Dragon Touch x9 is a decent tablet, despite of its few flaws, due to its reasonable price and powerful Android operating system which allows you to run browser windows and multiple apps simultaneously whenever you want. It is a lightweight but durable tablet in its class. Anyone who wants to experience latest technologies or searching for an inexpensive but durable tablet for his/her kids may find it the best option for him/her. The kids as well as adults can use this tablet for taking pictures and videos through its dual camera. They can also use it for uploading or streaming movies and YouTube videos seamlessly through its speedy quad core processor to watch them easily anytime.

What is in the Box?
The box of Dragon Touch X9 tablet contains:
A tablet
An AC adapter
A USB cable
A user manual

AKASO X5KW FPV Wifi APP Control 4CH 6 Axis RC Drone with HD Camera & LED Lights, 360-degree Rolling Mode Review


Drones are usually robots that are either pre-programmed or remotely controlled. There are many types of drones designed like for water, land or air use. Drones vary according to size and usuage, there are very small drones, small drones, large drones and very large drones. They also vary based on ranges and endurance. The most common type is obviously aerial and is usually remote controlled. They were usually used for military purposes, but these days drones have become a popular mode of entertainment both indoor and outdoor for kids, as well as adults. AKASO X5KW is one of the best drones available in the market and have some very special qualities.

Features :
The AKASO X5KW drone is based on FPV model, with Wifi transmission. It has real time data storing facility, which means as soon as something is recorded using it, it gets automatically stored in a mobile device of choice, without any data being lost. Also, there is no need of any external storage device. The drone can be operated by a wide range of mobile devices, though MiPads and phones operate best with Wifi connections.

The packaging of the drone is very good, and it comes with all important parts needed to assemble the drone before it starts working. It is of a standard size 12.7 x 9.2 x 3 inches and the weight is almost 2.9 ounces. The main reason behind the manual assembling is that if by any chance it creates a problem the buyer can open it and repair it.
The battery is rechargeable and once charged for two hours, it allows a flying time of five to seven minutes. Also, it operates only with the battery.
The drone can fly up to a height of 100m, and can withstand windy as well as sunny conditions without any problem.
It can move left-right , up-down , then left-right sideway flying also forward and backward.
The attached LED light is useful not only for flashing but also for finding the drone at certain times.
The remotes are useful for a distance of twenty-four to fifty meters based on the strength of Wifi. It is Wifi app controlled.
The drone captures good HD quality pictures and can operate on different Wifi signals.

Specifications :
AKASO X5KW drone has a 3.7 voltage battery of 650mAh LIPO.
Remote controlled up to 24-50m.
Charging time is up to 120 mins.
It has a 4CH 6 axis gyro which enables it to fly at any height in a stable manner.
It has a 360-degree rolling mode, that allows it to fly in any direction.
There is also the facility of LED lights, for night mode flying.
The drone has an HD camera of 1.3 megapixels which provide a picture resolution of 1280*960 .

Materials :
It is made in such a way so that it is durable and light weight. Its propellers are protected with plastic frames so that on collision it doesn’t break. It is also provided with landing gears, so that again no collision happens while landing.

Assembling :
The drone does not come assembled, it needs to be assembled manually. All the basic information for manual assembling is provided with the drone, and is understandable, with each step described in details. The APP control, which is needed to operate the drone needs to be downloaded, and the site links are also provided with the drone.
The drone comes with an extra battery, so that if the current one malfunctions in any way, the other can be used without much fuss. It is also provided with a USB charging cable, a screwdriver , several screws, four propeller guards and also four extra set of propeller guards.
The drone can be easily assembled by the following steps
First, the battery needs to be inserted into the quadcopter and then attached to the receptacle. It is necessary to charge the battery fully.
Second, the propellers need to be installed with the provided screws.
Third, the drone needs to be switched on, and the LED light gets turned on.
Fourth, The Wifi function of the mobile needs to be turned on, and it should be connected to the FY Drone using a password.
Lastly, The FY APP needs to be downloaded from the App store, then opening the app will lead to the working of the AKASO X5KW.

Pros :
Coming to the pros, here are few that makes it somewhat an interesting catch. It gives live feed to the phones, and thus it is very helpful at times. Next, it obviously connects over Wifi . Also, it has a great speed and is very fast. It goes from the ground to a height of 20m within seconds and so the time limit, doesn’t create a big problem. The forward/backward, left/right, up/down gyroscope works perfectly on the phone and thus operating it is very easy. It is also very hardy and doesn’t break easily even after the collision. It is pretty inexpensive and is thus an excellent quadcopter for the beginners.

Cons :
Lowering the cost price has surely lead to a compromise in the material and is obviously made of some cheap material. After every crash, the blade at top pops out and gets bent and hits the rotors. It needs to be manually corrected. The directions provided with the drone is not very specific, thus can give the kids a tough time. It is also a bit difficult to be calibrated. Also, at times it easily loses control and starts moving in odd directions. The hover ability is bad. At times, the phone control may prove to be hard, so missing an old style stick control is possible.

Verdict :
Based on the features and specifications, AKASO X5KW seems to be a very customer friendly drone. It is not only cheap but also hardy and is a good buy for kids and beginners. But if one is looking for a solid drone, with some interests in mind, then it might not be your cup of tea. For long term usage, it is surely not suggested. So, it’s better to think about the purpose of the drone, and based on that the purchase should be done.

AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Headless, 360-degree 3D Rolling Mode 2 RTF RC Drone with HD Camera performance and review


The AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter is a drone with an HD camera and a 360-degree flip feature. It has a built-in 6-axis gyro quad-rotor and the propeller frames are covered with plastic frames for protection against collision. The device has LED lights that enable the quadcopter to function at night. This is a very durable and lightweight gadget with strong wind resistance. It is capable of flexible movements and is easy to control.

The specifications of the AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter:
· Packaging dimensions: 12″ x 12″ x 5″
· Weight of the package: 1.75 lb
· Flying Time: 5-7 mins
· Controlling Distance: 50-100 meters approx
· Battery: 3.7V 500mAh LiPO
· Charging Time: 60 mins approx
· Built-in LED light

The contents of the kit:
· 1 RC Quadcopter with Camera
· 1 MicroSD card
· 1 2.4G Remote Controller (1.5v AA batteries not included in the kit)
· 1 USB Connection Cable
· 1 TF card reader
· 1 LiPO 3.7V 500mAh Battery

The characteristic features of the AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter:–

The package, body, and design:
The Akaso X5C comes in a white color and has places blades and wings in white and red colors. A simple assembly requires for setting up the device and it comes with a controller. The device has a plastic body and is lightweight yet stable. The battery compartment is on the rear side and the camera is mounted on the battery door. The kit comes with the entire essential gear and some additional props.

The propeller blades are covered with tough quality plastic blade frames. The Akaso X5C has LED lights that glow in red and green. The landing gear has been provided and can be installed if required. It protects the camera in the landing expedition. The screwdrivers and screws are included in the package.

6-axis gyro quadcopter:
This feature enables the quadcopter steadiness and stability in flight. The Akaso X5C is resistant to wind flow and maintains stability in rough conditions.

360-degree flip:
The quadcopter flies smoothly and it has a button control for a 360-degree flip. It flips beautifully in the air in a continuous rolling motion which is a spectacle to watch.

Built-in HD camera:
The camera of the Akaso X5C is inbuilt and mounted on top of the battery cover. The SD camera can be inserted into the camera. This camera can capture pictures clearly from the height. It is controlled by a 2.4GHz transmitter, which will not be interfered by other transmitters.

The 3.7V 500mAh LiPO battery is required to run the device. It should be well charged before installing in the Akaso X5C quadcopter. It takes about an hour to be charged fully.

Remote controller- Functions and performance:
The 2.4 G remote control is activated by inserting the batteries. The left throttle has to be pushed down before inserting the batteries. Simultaneously the battery has to be inserted in the quadcopter and plugged in the receptacle. Now the two devices will take a few seconds to sync together. Three beep sounds appear when the devices are paired. Now push the left throttle stick up and then down. The remote control has numerous controls to ensure a steady flight. The speed control buttons can be maneuvered for a high-performance flight. The Akaso X5C can rise up and down, fly sideways, and rotate 360-degree. The remote control can be operated from a distance of 50-100 m. The display screen is very convenient. There is an indicator indicating the camera switch on and off.

Review of the AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter:-

The plastic body of the quadcopter makes it lightweight. This enables the device to take long and high flights. Though the plastic body seems cheap at times, it adds to the speed of the flight. The propellers are large and well-protected. The hulls can be removed for indoor flights. The LED lights enable easy maneuvering of the Akaso X5C in the dark.

Performance and functions:
The AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter flies seamlessly on open spaces. The winds though are a little tough on the device. It becomes challenging for the drone to maintain balance. The 360-degree flip, speed buttons, and trick mode are interesting features to enjoy the drone’s performance. Experts recommend switching off the Akaso X5C when it becomes unmanageable in windy conditions or seem to collide into the tree. Once switched off, it slowly glides down to the ground without being damaged or broken.

The camera of the AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter is installed to captured videos and images while flying in the air. The pictures were, however, low-quality and blurred. The micro SD card and the USB adapter enable the user to upload images and enjoy the views of the flight experience.

Overall review:
The AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter is one of the most reasonably priced drones in the market which offers multiple features and functions. The camera installed is just average but does give a view of the aerial images. The SD card and USB port are highly appreciated. The body of the Akaso X5C is made of plastic to reduce the weight of the drone and improve high performance and speed. The 6-axis feature makes the device stable, though it falters in strong winds. The kit has additional screws and screwdriver to make the assembly process convenient for the user. The propellers have been a safeguard against damage by a collision, by adding additional frames.

The battery case is not very convenient, as it is difficult to insert and remove batteries. The controlling distance of the remote control is wide as it covers almost 100 m. Though the battery life is maximum 7 minutes, the drone flies for 10 minutes easily.

Wrap up:
The AKASO X5C 4CH,2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Drone with HD Camera,360-degree 3D Rolling Quadcopter is an easy-to-use drone that is designed for new learners and mid-level operators. The camera packaging says HD device, though it is not HD, but takes pictures of the surroundings. The experienced flyers might not enjoy operating this flight much and will look for additional features and more power. All in all, this is a decent drone with numerous features at a good price.

Dragon Touch M10X 10-Inch Quad Core Dual Camera 16 GB Tablet PC Review


Are you looking for a Touch Tablet? Do you want all the developed features and advanced facilities? If yes, then you can consider the and exciting Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet. This’s a Dragon product. Currently, Dragon Touch Tablets are becoming more popular for the easy to use features and the latest Window opening systems. The overall design and performances of these tablets are also satisfactory.

Nowadays tablets are not considered expensive. You can get a tablet at a reasonable price. But in the Dragon tablets, you can get all the features without hurting your budget. If you are looking for the good quality tablets then no one can match well with the Dragon. Do you want to buy one of the most popular Dragon tablets? Do you want to know all the advanced features and utilities? For your help, below is the review of the Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet Tablet. In this review, you will come to know about the product, features, specification with both positive and negative points. Go through all the details to know the features and usages of this tablet.

You will find the features easy and convenient. In this tablet, sending the emails, browsing the internet and the watching the entertaining programs are fluent. It is perfect for watching movies and reading books in your chair or bed. As it comes with IPS screen, you will find it more comfortable to read your eBooks. The size is compact and it is super portable for traveling. In fact, you can enjoy your traveling more with this tablet as it comes with Bluetooth and other entertaining features. The operating system is also very easy. You can easily download any app from pre-installed Google Play Store. It comes with 16GB memory that can be expandable upto 32 GB memory. Hence, you will find enough space for the texts, movies, songs, and for other favorite programs.

Product Description
This tablet has all the features that can be utilized for the entertainment. The Quad Core power efficient MTK8127 processor provides a good performance along with the page loads and stream videos without affecting the battery life. Moreover, the Plus Android 4.4 KitKat is multi-tasking. It comes with the IPS screen that offers a wide-view angle and the 1366 x 768 resolution provides vivid and crisp content. You can easily browse it to go through your favorite eBooks and read it more conveniently. You can also pair it with the Bluetooth headset and speakers.

The screen of this tablet does not look like a cheap plastic screen. It seems very strong and durable. As it comes with IPS and big screen, you can enjoy the movies and play the games with the better viewing angles. Moreover, it delivers better images to make your programs clear and more enjoyable.

This tablet comes with the slim aluminum design. You can enjoy your entertaining program and movies on the 10.1-inch big screen. It has more than six hours standby time. Hence, you can enjoy your programs more comfortably without any interruption. With this touch tablet, you will get one-year defect warranty. You will also get the three-month manufacturing warranty coverage.

Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet comes with many developed features such as the IPS screen, easy operating system, and the slim aluminum design. Some of the key features of this touch tablet are the followings.
? Quad Core Tablet, 1GB DDR3: These features make the tablet run faster; make it easy to browse the internet, sending emails and watching movies and videos.
? 10.1-inch screen: With this big screen, you can enjoy your movies and programs more. And you can read the eBooks more comfortable laying on the bed and anywhere you will find it convenient.
? IPS Screen: This screen offers 178 degrees of view angle. This is perfect for the surfing, watching movies and is also helpful for reading the eBooks.
? Android 4.4 KitKat: Android 4.4 KitKat offers easy operating system. You can easily download the apps from the Google Play Store. That you will find pre-installed on your device.
? 16GB: it comes with the 16 GB memory but it can be expandable up to the 32 GB memory. Hence, you will find more space for your files likes music, songs, and texts.
? Aluminum design: The aluminum design not only makes it super portable for the traveling. It also enhances the look of your device. It looks great and impressive.
? The best tablet for the entertainment: It offers a great performance along with the page loads and stream videos. As it comes with six hours standby time, you can use more conveniently during traveling.

The specification of this Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet Tablet are the followings.
1. Quad Core 4×1.3 GHz
2. Wireless N (802.11b/g/n), HDMI, Bluetooth
3. Android 4.4 KitKat
4. Dual Camera, 2.0 MP plus 5.0 MP
5. 16 GB storage, 1GB RAM
6. 10.1” IPS Screen 1366×768 HD
7. G-sensor

What will come in the box?
In the box, you will get one AC Adopter, one user manual, and the USB Connection Cable with the Dragon touch Tablet.

There are many pros of this product. First of all, it is affordable and can be used by anyone without any prior experience. It comes with an easy operating system. Some of the other benefits of this product are the dual camera, the large size, built-in powerful speaker with high-quality sound, IPS, and 16GB memory. The best thing is that you will get all these advanced features within your budget.

You will not find any bad point about this Touch Tablet. Though some have complained about the design as they find it cheap, but all other things are appreciated.

In the current conditions, finding a cheap tablet is not difficult, but it is not easy to find a cheap tablet with all the developed features. And the Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet Tablet offers all the developed features at an affordable price. You can buy this one to enjoy the advanced features and facilities and to watch videos and movies, and to read eBooks more expediently.

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Dragon Touch M8 8 inch Quad Core Dual Camera 16 GB Bluetooth 4.0 Tablet PC Reviews


Dragon touch M8 is the latest tablet launched by Dragon touch. It is a quad core efficient tablet that provides an exceptional performance. It has an eight-inch IPS display and a thin body and it weighs around 11.2 oz which makes it highly portable, especially for a long journey. Just pack it in your travel bag or handbags and you have a powerful entertainment pack with you which will entertain you throughout your journey. This device is highly appreciated by reviewers for its amazing battery backup. It has a huge battery to meet all your entertainment requirements like watching movies or playing games throughout the day. This tablet is built to destroy your boredom throughout your journey.

Key Features:
Powerful Processor – Dragon touch M8 is powered with a Quad core Mediatek processor named MTK8127. The processor is clocked at 1.3 GHz which delivers a blazingly fast performance and speeds to provide a smooth experience to the user.

Ram – This device is built with 1 gigabyte of ram. This helps the device to switch different apps from one screen to other swiftly. The ram provides a support to the processor to run various apps conveniently on the tablet.

IPS screen – The tablet is packed with a beautiful IPS display that provides the user with a treat to the eyes. It has wide viewing angle to prevent distortion of images or videos by watching from any angle. It has a 1280 x 800 resolution that delivers very vivid and crystal clear contents. So, the user can easily enjoy the tablet while browsing internet or reading electronic-book through the tablet.

Latest Android technology – One of the important feature of the tablet is that it runs on Android operating system. It contains the latest android 4.4(kit-kat) which is upgradable to android 5.0(Lollipop), providing the latest user interface to the user. Android operating system makes life easier by providing the facility to download many gaming, educational and entertaining applications to the tablet.

Storage – The tablet packs 16-gigabyte internal memory storage which helps the user to store various videos, images, e-books or install applications to the tablet. It can also store lots of useful documents and files which help the user to travel with the important information in their pocket.

Dual Camera – Dragon touch M8 comes with the dual rear camera and a single front camera. This unique feature provides the tablet with an edge over the other tablets. The camera features an instant focus and captures images and videos faster. The user can easily capture some valuable and precious moments throughout their journey. The front camera helps the user to connect the user virtually to other people with facial interaction. The front camera is of high-end 3 mega-pixels.

Battery – The most vital feature of this tablet is the battery. Dragon touch M8 packs an enormous 4000 mAh battery which supplies energy to the tablet to watch movies or playing games throughout the day.

Wi-Fi Support – This feature helps the tablet to connect to the Local area network which allows the tablet to use the internet facility from the LAN device. It has a bandwidth of 802.11 bgn which helps the tablet to use the internet efficiently from the LAN connection.

GPS – This tablet features a full-fledged Global positioning system (GPS) which provides the location and time of the user present anywhere on Earth. It connects the tablet to the GPS-satellites and provides the exact location of the user. It also provides the maps and navigation system which helps the user to easily find the roads, restaurants, tourist destinations, parks, hospitals, etc anywhere on earth.

Bluetooth – Dragon touch M8 supports Bluetooth technology which is a wireless technology which helps the user to transfer any data including images, documents and videos from the tablet to any other Bluetooth device and vice-versa.

HDMI support – This tablet has the most crucial feature of the new generation, i.e., HDMI support. This feature enables the user to cast the tablet screen on any HDMI supporting multimedia devices like televisions, monitors, etc. This helps the user to enjoy the tablet on a comparatively larger screen.

Speakers – The tablet has a single speaker that produces a decent sound for various multimedia purposes. Speaker is loud enough to enjoy the music, videos and calls.

Microphone – The tablet has a good microphone which functions well through all type of calling facilities including video and phone calls. The calls can be heard without any echo or other ailments to provide a comfortable calling experience to the user.

Games – Dragon touch M8 supports latest high-end games like the Angry Birds, Batman, Clash of Clans, etc. in the market. Games run smoothly and free of any lags which provide best gaming experience to the user.

What’s inside the box?
Tablet – The device itself is packed properly in a properly sealed box. It delivers all new and scratch free tablet.
AC Adapter – It helps the tablet to charge from the electricity supplied to the home.
USB Cable – It connects the tablet to the computer or laptop which helps the tablet to transfer media files to and fro from the device.

User Manual – It provides all the information regarding the Quad core dual Camera Dragon Touch M8. It provides detailed information regarding the functions of the functions and facilities of the tablet which helps the user to use the tablet efficiently.

Quad core dual camera Dragon touch M8 is absolutely an amazing buy at this affordable price. It is a user-friendly tablet that suitable for all age groups. It can help educate and entertain students at the same time. It is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly tablet which serves as an excellent companion to the user. It can serve as a creative tool to complete all the office work and as a portable gaming and media centre to entertain the user. It is a very productive device that eases the life’s of the user by performing many numbers of daily activities required by the user. This tablet is highly recommended by the reviewers due its powerful and insane features and affordable price.

AKASO K88 Bundle – A Budget-Friendly, Durable & Stable Drone


The durable and lightweight Akaso K88 Gyro RC Drone / Quadcopter is currently one of the most budget-friendly drones available today. However, there is a lot that sets the AKASO K88 Bundle apart from any other drone bundles available today. This 6-axis drone has been designed for all users and easy for beginners, which is the reason it has such a stable gyroscope that can be easily adjusted. The 2.4GHz frequency of its controller makes it easier to control the drone promptly, while it consumes less battery too. Moreover, this drone is also equipped with a built-in HD camera to take photos and record videos with bird’s-eye view.

What Is Included In The AKASO K88 Bundle?

The Akaso K88 Gyro RC Drone / Quadcopter comes a transmitter, two extra blades, four batteries and a 4-in-2 battery charger, a 4 GB miroSD card and reader, an instruction manual and a screwdriver.

Features & Specifications

As mentioned, the AKASO K88 stands out from plenty of other similar drones / quadcopters because of its various features and below is an overview of the most prominent ones.

Built-in 6 Axis Gyro:

The AKASO K88 is a highly stable drone when being flown, because of its 6-axis gyroscopic balancing. Apart from the fact that this drone is capable of making different flight movements, it can even be flown during days when the weather is bad, such as if it is foggy or windy. Along with various upwards, downwards and sideways tricks, this drone can also perform 360 degree rolls as well. There is even a speed variation mode and a trim option to ensure that this drone flies correctly and at the right speed. Unlike other drones that tend to end up crash landing when performing difficult stunts, the AKASO K88 flies very smoothly at all times.

Solider Protection

The plastic frame of the AKASO K88 has been designed such that its blades remain protected from collisions and impacts. In case its blades do end up getting damaged as a result of a heavy collision, they can be replaced with the two additional blades that this drone comes with.

360-degree Flip

There are many drones that are not able to effectively pull off a 360-degree flip, but the AKASO K88 can perform this stunt and others quite effortlessly. These aerial stunts can actually be performed quite easily by pressing the dedicated flip and roll button on the transmitter, leaving the rest to the drone.

Flashing LED Lights

THE AKASO K88 is sure to look quite eye-catching flying in the evening and/or late night sky because of the flashing LED lights that it is equipped with. Apart from lighting up the evening or night sky, the flashing LED lights also make it easier to keep an eye on the drone as it flies in the dark. The entire drone has a strip of LED lights running around it that flash in blue, red and white. If the LED lights are turned off, especially during the day, the flight time of this drone will increase up to 10 minutes. There is already plenty of daylight during the day, so it would be pointless to fly this drone with the LED lights turned on.

Built-in HD camera

Since the AKASO K88 is equipped with a built-in HD camera, high-definition photos can be shot and videos can be recorded from the sky. Not only is this feature very productive and useful, it is also relatively new when it comes to such budget-friendly drones / quadcopters. Thus, this drone is not only ideal for flying, but even for shooting aerial videos and taking aerial photographs. It is even possible to rotate the lens of built-in camera up to 30 degrees. The HD photos are taken at 1280 x 1024 and the videos are recorded at 640 x 480 and 30FPS. All the photos and videos are stored into the 4 GB microSD card that comes with the drone.

2.4GHz Transmitter

With the 2.4GHz, 4 channel transmitter that is included, the AKASO K88 can be controlled promptly and smoothly, without any interference. Using the transmitter, this drone can be controlled from as distance between 80 and 100 meters while still ensuring that the battery performance is efficient.

The transmitter has separate buttons for taking photographs and shooting videos. As mentioned, there is a trim button on the transmitter as well, which corrects the drone’s flight and makes it more stable while it is flying in the air. The trim setting can be adjusted depend upon the extent to which the stability needs to be improved. The transmitter also features a 1-inch screen that displays both the drone’s speed and its trim setting.

The reason the AKASO K88 is so easy to fly, even for beginners, and does not crash down in no time is because it tends to be extremely stable when flying. There are also three different speed modes to choose from, namely high, low and medium. The number of beeps that are heard upon pressing the button provide an audible indication of which speed mode has been selected/set. The low speed mode is indicated by a single beep, medium speed mode is indicated by two beeps and high speed mode is indicated by three beeps. The single button that has to be pressed in order to change the speed mode of this drone can be found on the left side of the transmitter.

Battery Life

The battery compartment of this drone can be found on the back side of the transmitter and it requires six AA-sized batteries in order to operate. As for the AKASO K88 itself, four Li-pro 3.7v 850 mAh provide it with enough power that it can be flown for up to 30 minutes or even slightly more if the LED lights are turned off and as long as the batteries are fully charged. The good thing is that all four of those batteries can be charged at the same time in the 4-in-1 USB charger that is included and it usually takes anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour to fully charge them.


Thus, the AKASO K88 is not an average quadcopter or a mere toy for kids to play with. Apart from being a highly durable and stable drone that is capable of performing some very amazing stunts, it can also come in handy when photos need to be taken or videos need to be recorded with an aerial, bird’s-eye view.

A Detailed And Informative Dragon Touch M7 Review


The Dragon Touch M7,Quad Core 8 GB tablet is specially designed to ensure the users get almost all what they need in terms of efficiency and comfort in use. This particular tablets has state of the art features which are made in a modern way to provide high quality performance. It is also designed in a way that its exterior appearance make it be regarded as one of the most elegant gadgets. The makers of this tablet have considered the needs of the modern users and as a result they have worked to ensure the users are satisfied especially the younger users who need proper entertainment and convenience in use. To understand about this particular tablet it is important to go through its feature so as to know how they work and their benefits.

Features and specifications
Some of the primary features of this modern tablet include that it has a 7 inch HD IPS display. This particular display has been made in a way that users of the tablet are able to view the images sharply practically from any angle. This is one of the most importnt features especially for the people who love entertainment and therefore like seeing clear images. The tablet has a 4x digital zoom which allow users to properly capture images which are some distance away. The display of this tablet is very interactive and friendly where almost any user can use it.
This tablets is also one of the fastest when it comes to executing different commands. It comes with a 1.3GHz dual core processor which is complimented by a RAM of 1 GB. This allows the tablet to do faster application launch, faster websites load time and do proper multitasking without wasting time. It also comes with an 8GB memory which gives the users freedom to capture long videos and many images which are stored on this large memory so that they can be transferred later.
Connecting this tablet with other devices is also simple since it comes with different ports that are meant to help it connect with external devices such as computers. Consequently, users can readily take pictures and record videos using this tablet and then transfer them to other devices. This is further complimented by the fact that the tablet comes with high performing Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth functions. These different functions are used to connect the tablet and can be easily turned off when the users do not need them.
Another important feature of this tablet is that it has a long battery life which allows it to be used for long hours without needing to be charged. When fully charged and used properly the battery of the tablet can last for up to four and a half hours. To ensure there is no wastage of power, some of the applications and features of this tablets can be switched off when they are not being used. This tablet comes with an AC charger for the mini USB port and can also charge directly from a computer’s PC port.
The dimensions of this tablet are a length of twenty one inches, a width of eight point nine inches, a height of six inches and a total weight of one point two pounds. This is an ideal size which makes using, carrying and storing this tablet convenient. Furthermore, the tablet comes with clear and detailed instructions which are easy to understand. This makes sure that it can be used even by people who have never used it before since they just need to follow these simple instructions. This is further complimented by that the different icons are well arranged where the users can see everything clearly without having to struggle. In case users experience problems with the tablet they can easily and conveniently contact support where they will get all the necessary help.
To give users the assurance that the tablet is of the highest quality and performs optimally, it comes with warranties. Majority of the additional elements that might be needed for this tablet to function properly are included on the package. The ones that are not included are easily found from different places which are known to sell quality products.

Some of the positive attributes of the Dragon Touch M7,Quad Core 8 GB include that almost all of its features are technologically oriented. This is an important attribute since it makes the tablet one of the best in the modern days. Another positive feature is that the tablet has the ability to capture high quality videos and still images. This is one of the most important features that people check while purchasing a tablet. The long battery life is also helpful especially for people who enjoy going outdoors where there are no sources of power.
Having a large memory is also a primary positive attribute because users of the tablet can store many things on the tablet and then transfer them later. Furthermore, the fact that the tablet can be easily connected to other gadgets also plays an important role because people always want to store the images and videos they take in a safe place. The different wireless connections including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also helpful since the users are able to use the tablet more conveniently. The detailed and simple instructions that come with this tablet are very useful especially for people who might be using the tablet for the first time. The nice and elegant design of the tablet makes it more enjoyable to use.

There are a few negative aspects of this tablet with one of these negative attributes being that it is not compatible with some of the externel gadget. However, it is compatible with the majority of the ones that are commonly used therefore making it conveneint to use. Another negative attribute is that some people might struggle using it even if it comes with instruction. But after using it for some times the users are able to understand how all its features work.

It is evident that the Dragon Touch M7,Quad Core 8 GB tablet is ideal for people who enjoy high quality entertainment and good performance. The makers of this tablets have worked hard to make sure they meet the needs of the users especially the younger users. The different modern features compliment each other to make the tablet one of the most advanced gadget. Therefore, this particular tablet is specially made to meet the needs of people who like using highly performing tablets.