An Android Tablet with Basic features: Dragon Touch M8

The Dragon Touch M8 Android Tablet’s device is perfectly suitable for those who are looking for a tablet that fits within the budget and yet offers the basic features of a tablet PC. To start with, it is packed with the an updated Android 4.4 KitKat where you can delight in abundant android apps.


The design of this Dragon Touch M8 Android Tablet is very simple hence will probably not give an impressive impact. It has a 8 inch screen with a resolution of 1280×800 HD. What gives this tablet a zing is its run with the A Quad Core power-efficient MTK8127 processor (4×1.3 GHz), and RAM of Real 1G DDR3, which, according to the company, makes the device able to deliver unparalleled fast surfing online as well as video playing and 3D game-playing experiences. This tablet has Dual Camera,it will be able to take the pictures and videos you need. it will be very useful to most of your stored media types. Battery life is really good, again surprising at the price point.


The Dragon Touch M8 has a lot of features and adequate hardware to run all your favorite social media apps, email, light web browsing, and video watching.The overall build quality of the tablet is surprisingly good for the price.The M8 is leaps and bounds better than most “cheap” tablets and will satisfy most kids or casual users. It will also make an awesome device to mount on the wall and use as a media player to a Bluetooth speaker, or a hub for a family to leave notes for each other, check the weather, etc.

To know more about Dragon Touch M8 tablet, visit the Dragon Touch M8 product page for more details.

An appropriate Tablet for Children: Dragon Touch M7

The Dragon Touch M7 tablet running Android 5.0 Lollipop Firmware. Stream music or sound to a Bluetooth speaker without issue as well. This has served you as a work PC for emails, sending docs, reviewing doc.Tablet handled all these task well and was ready for more. Built in wifi supports,Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS.With a vibrant 7” HD IPS display that keeps the picture sharp from practically any angle, you have entertainment to go.The M7 brings all your content to life, beautifully. and the tablet is suitable for kids. why? Following analysis from three aspects: Color, Size,Surfing Environment


If you are getting Dragon Touch M7 tablet for kids, it may be worthwhile to note that this tablet comes in three different colors. You can pick from Dragon Touch M7 Black and White,Dragon Touch M7 Blue,and Dragon Touch M7 Red. Even if you are an adult wanting to purchase this tablet for your own use, the different colors and sometime still be appealing. And of purchasing for a kid, the color Will make it easier to find.


It has a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024×600 HD,and it is very light. 7-inch size is very suitable for kids.It is very easy to carry around in kids’small bag.

Kid-friendly Surfing Environment

In Zoodles, Child Friendly Interface and Age appropriate content make it easy and safe for kids to play. Every child deserves access to Zoodles. While, the Parent Play Along mode in Zoodles gives you full access to sites and more freedom to guide your child’s experience.

There is no question that with this tablet, They all work flawlessly. The Dragon Touch M7 has many positive customer reviews. You can buy it for your children on Dragon Touch M7 Product page.

Great performance Android tablet: Dragon Touch M10X

Dragon Touch M10X is a energy efficient and great performance Android tablet with an IPS high definition 10.1 inch display, 5 MP camera with auto focus feature, a quad core processor and 1GB memory to smoothly run and multitask the apps as well as a 16GB Nand Flash storage. It has dual webcams of front 2MP and rear 5MP with auto focus for taking still photos and live videos and both are clear.

Slim Aluminum Design: Sleek and modern white and gold aluminium Dragon Touch M10X weighs just 1.2 pounds and has the measurements of 10.60 x 6.70 x 0.40 inches and it is very portable so you can take it anywhere you go and it has the built-in GPS sensor that allows you to navigate with an offline map and Bluetooth so you can can connect Bluetooth enables headphones, speakers and more wirelessly and it will be easy and convenient to use when you’re out and about.Reading or watching video/movie on the 10.1 inch big screen, you will not miss any detail.Along with popular features like GPS, Bluetooth, it will be much entertaining and convenient in your travel. With more than 6 hours standby time, there is plenty of juice to get you through a trip.

Operating System: Google Android 4.4 KitKat, easily download applications from pre-installed Google Play Store. 16 GB on board memory storage and expandable up to 32 GB, store more files like songs, texts, movies, videos, etc.A Quad Core power-efficient MTK8127 processor delivers fantastic performance along with stream video and page loads without your battery life suffering. Additionally Google Android 4.4 KitKat ensures smooth multi-tasking.

It comes with a reliable 12 month defect warranty by Tablet Express and a US based on-time customer and technical support with firmware updated regularly.

Overall, For basic gaming, web browsing, emails, and even quick video chats with family, it works great and the interface is snappy. This would be fine for kids, students, or anyone that wants a basic tablet without a high price tag.The original price of Dragon Touch M10X is $113.99,Now You can take it home only $91.19.

An affordable 7-inch tablet: Dragon Touch Y88X Plus

If you are looking for a tablet that will do everything you want it to without having to spend a lot of money, the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus tablet is a good bet to meet your requirements.

An Enhanced Version

Following the Y88 and Y88X model, here comes the 3rd Generation, Y88X Plus. This tablet equips with new features like IPS display, Bluetooth, and higher megapixel camera, making sharing and communication a breeze. Additionally, there are new gorgeous colors for your choice.

Massive Power in Slim Body

Y88X Plus tablet runs on a Quad Core CPU to ensure a remarkably smooth multi-tasking operation. You can always be one step ahead than others. And the IPS display makes the contents springs onto the tablet, bringing you crystal clear and vivid images with richer colors and greater contrast.

Innumerable Apps, Inexhaustible Enjoyments

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi and Google Play Store, you are exposed to a world of fun and possibility. Whenever you want to express yourself, just connect and share; whenever an idea occurs, an app is there to capture and animate it in an efficient and joyous way. This tablet can be a partner, a teacher, a library, and more.

The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus tablet is user friendly, it provides great functionality and it does all of the tasks that you expect a tablet to do. Since this model is very inexpensive and easy to use, it makes it a good buy for a variety of different consumers.

Best efficient tablet Under $100: Dragon Touch E97

Dragon Touch E97 is a good tablet for those who would like to kill time, or have the work-based tasks that require you to be both on your feet and have tech handy.When choosing a needed device, you first think about the features that the device has.

The Dragon Touch E97 Tablet is a great device for every day use but also for more serious issues.And it is smooth, clean cut and offers a great set of features, uncommon to low end tablets.Enjoy your favorite movies anywhere, or video chat with friends and family on skype. The high resolution 1024×768 screen provides a clear display and supports most games, including 3D versions. The operating system is the Android 4.4 KitKat, and you can be sure that it is adapted to work with millions of apps that you can find on the market. The 16 GB storage will have no problem storing basic game data and pictures. You can spend quality time listening to music, playing videos or even playing games. If you are keen on reading, you must know that the tablet supports reading documents or even ebooks. With more than 6 hours standby time, there’s plenty of juice to get you through a trip.

As far as versatility goes, this tablet can compare to almost any on the market. Users get plenty of good entertainment options.The original price of Dragon Touch E97 is $123.49,Now You can take it home only $98.79.

Best Octa Core Tablet with 10.1 Inch Screen: Dragon Touch x10

You cannot beat this price for a best-selling 10 inch octa core tablet: Dragon Touch x10. Everything expected of a powerful tablet with an unexpected price tag.

best octa core tablet: dragon touch x10

Best octa core tablet? Here is why and how

When it comes to benchmarking a digital gadget, people always look first at the hardware configuration; and for that, the Dragon Touch x10 lives up to the expectation of the best octa core tablet.

  • Powerful processors. If you are not familiar with the term “octa core,” it means eight processors — 8X Cortex A7 that runs up to 2.0 GHz and an octa core high-speed PowerVR SGX544 GPU. With that much power, Dragon Touch X10 gives users the most speedy experience for multi-tasking: gaming, watching video, listening to music, etc. And in case you are a big fan of online videos, the octa core makes H.265 decoding much smoother, which, in layman’s term, means faster and smoother video viewing experience.
  • Unbeatable Display: The 10 inch IPS display is powered by SmartColor Technology and comes with 1366*768 resolution, meaning you will never miss any image detail. The 178-degree viewing angle also makes it easy and enjoyable to share the tablet display with family members and friends. And the 10-point multi-touch technology makes on-screen operation more accurate and responsive.
  • Packed with features: With the improved WiFi module, you can expect a faster loading speed when browsing the web, streaming music and making video calls. With the built-in Bluetooth technology, you can pair the tablet with many other devices. The mini HDMI port makes it easy to sync your screen to large-screen home TVs.
  • Endless Entertainment: The tablet comes pre-installed with Google Play, with which you have access to tons of apps of various kinds. The Dragon Touch x10 features a dual camera setup: a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera with auto focus; they provide for easy snatching and sharing of those unforgettable moments.
  • U.S.-based customer service and tech support: on-time customer service/tech support; frequently updated firmware.

To know more about this best-selling octa core tablet with 10.1 inch IPS screen, visit the Dragon Touch x10 product page for more details, or buy one at Amazon.

Best-Selling Kid Friendly Tablets Under $100

Our best-selling kid friendly tablets at Amazon come way under $100 – it’s $64.99 with free shipping. At that price, we are still giving you a powerful tablet that goes beyond your expectations of “budget tablet.”

best kid friendly tablets under $100

Our Best-Selling Kid Friendly Tablets Under $100 at Amazon

Our Dragon Touch Kids product line includes four colors for customers to choose form: red, pink, blue and green. The products are being marked low, but the quality is being held up high. This is a powerful 7 inch tablet that comes with the hardware you would expect of a modern tablet:

  • Quad Core 4×1.3 GHz
  • Android 4.4 KitKat 
  • 7” IPS Screen 1024×600 HD
8 GB storage, 1GB RAM
  • WiFi, HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
Dual Camera
  • G-sensor

Specifically, what makes these tablets kid friendly are that they come with IPS screen, which presents clearer content and makes reading, gaming or watching film easier for the kids’ eyes, not to mention how they present vivid image in richer color and sharper contrast. The tablets also have 1GB RAM, which makes multi-tasking much smoother and the kids can play along and complain less. More importantly, the tablets all come pre-installed with Zoodles, which is a popular kids app that provides kids-friendly surfing environment, parent control and educational games. The dual cameras of the tablet make it easy for the kids to snap down any moment or record when he/she wants. The silicone case of the tabelts is a very important protection — it is shock- and dust-proof.

Being Cheap Does Not Mean Low In Quality

So why Dragon Touch is the best-selling kid friendly tablets under 100 dollars? We encourage people to read the close to 2,000 product reviews at Amazon – not all of the them are steller, we know that. But overall, we believe the reviews convey the message that these tablets are built with quality and usefulness in mind.

For instance, we are quoting one user review where the buyer was quite surprised by what he got for what he paid:

When I ordered this I was expecting something like a cheap piece of plastic that played games for the kids. I was not expecting something like this at all. The reason I say this is because of the price and I have had kid tablets before …HAD… is the keyword , that were around the same price. So I was very happy to know that it was way more than that.

And here is another user review:

I should say that at this $60 pricepoint, this is an excellent product and truly has exceeded my expectations. When the price is this low, a user should not expect a top quality “retina level” display or ultra-fast processing speed. That is not what this is tablet is designed to do. What it is designed for is to be a basic Android tablet, and for that I am quite impressed


Difference between Lollipop and Kitkat

There are 15 key differences between the Lollipop theme and the Kitkat theme. Please read our detailed reviews with illustrations.

With Lollipop, most of the features you love about Android are still there and work just as before, but some subtle design changes give everything a fresh new look.

15 Key Differences Between Lillipop and Kitkat Themes

Tap and Go

To set up your new Lollipop device, you’ll be presented with the option to “tap and go.” This NFC-and-Bluetooth-powered data transfer lets you move all of your Google Account details, configuration settings, data and apps over to a new device just by placing your old phone or tablet against it.

difference between lollipop and kitkat

Use the flashlight

Pull down the notification drawer then tap the top bar to reveal the flashlight app alongside other options like airplane mode. The app will only appear if your device has an LED flash alongside its camera.

Prioritize your apps

Lollipop lets you set up a list of important apps that are allowed to disturb you even when most aren’t. Head to Settings -> Sound & notification -> App notifications and you can choose to block each app or mark it as a priority one.

difference between lollipop and kitkat

Deal with notifications from the lock screen

In Lollipop all of your app notifications appear on the lock screen ready for viewing. Not only that, but you can interact with them as well. Swipe to dismiss, tap to reply and so on, depending on the app in question. A double-tap gets you into the relevant app.

Pin apps

If you want to hand over your device to one of your kids or a friend, you can “pin” them inside one single app.

difference between lollipop and kitkat

Jump to app settings

Lollipop has improve the ability to jump straight to an app’s settings or information panel right from the lock screen. Long-press on any notification and (depending on the app) you’ll see a cog icon (the app settings shortcut) and an info icon (the app notification settings shortcut).

Predict battery life

New to Android Lollipop is the ability to see how much time is left before the battery runs out of juice, or how long you need to wait before your device is fully charged up.

difference between lollipop and kitkatSearch settings and networks

Google’s search bar is getting more ubiquitous with each passing version of Android, and in Lollipop it’s made it into the Settings app. Tap the magnifying glass icon to use it. It can be a quick way of finding a particular option you’re looking for, especially if you don’t already know what menu or heading it’s under. You can use the same feature to bring up saved Wi-Fi networks too.

Enter guest mode

Sharing devices with other people (friends, colleagues, family members, and distracted children) can be a real pain, but Lollipop’s new Guest Mode eases it somewhat.

difference between lollipop and kitkat

Improve text legibility

If you were wondering if the Accessibility menu within Settings would get overlooked in the Android Lollipop upgrade, there’s a new experimental feature here called High contrast text. Essentially, it gives white or difficult-to-read text a black outline when it’s being viewed on a light background.

Chromecast more quickly

It’s right in the notification drawer—tap on the Cast screen icon to locate your Chromecast and begin screen casting.

difference between lollipop and kitkat

 Add trusted devices

A trusted device is a specified Bluetooth or NFC-enabled gadget that will automatically disable the security code or pattern on your Android phone or tablet when it’s in range.

 Hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign

This works a little bit like the priority app notifications we mentioned earlier, but it’s based around times and days more than apps.

difference between lollipop and kitkat: do not disturb

Get back to your apps after a reboot

In Lollipop, you will have your recently opened apps been present on the Overview screen when you reboot your device to help you quickly get back to a previous conversation or website if you need to.

Save the battery

Android Lollipop includes a built-in battery saver mode that you can get to kick in at 15 percent battery, 5 percent battery or never (you can also switch it on and off manually). It cuts off some background syncing and vibrations and makes various other tweaks as well.

The above-mentioned features are just some of the notable differences between Lollipop and Kitkat themes; there are even more subtle changes in the Lollipop theme that make it worth the update.



Dragon Touch: The Best Tablet for Kids Learning

One of the best-selling kids tablets at Amazon, Dragon Touch is a 7-inch, under $100 tablet and is designed with features that best cater to the kids’ learning needs.

The best tablet for kids learning is small yet sturdy

best tablet for kids learning Dragon Touch review

Kids tablets look like regular tablets, but their designs are more geared toward the particular needs of kids as well as parents. Many of the kids tablets do not have a keyboard, and come in a smaller size that fit in any bag or car backseat. Continue reading

Best-Selling Cheap Android Tablets Under $100

Being cheap does not mean low in quality. These best-selling Amazon android tablets are packed with features yet priced under $100. Read this review for why; and, to be exact, one is priced well under $100, and another one, a dual boot tablet, is on sale with a special coupon that brings the price under $100.

cheap android tablets under 100

Our Cheap Android Tablets under $100

Dragon Touch 7″ Quad Core Android Kids Tablet is our 2015 model; it comes with IPS Display, Wifi and camera, games, HD kids edition w/ Zoodles and silicone case.

And it is now on sale for under 100 dollars:

•    IPS Screen: presents clearer content. Reading, gaming, or watching film, eyes get less tired and children can enjoy vivid image in richer color and sharper contrast.
•    1GB RAM: multi-tasking is more smoother. Your kids could play along and less complaint about his tablet.
•    Zoodles Pre-installed: a famous Kids App provide kids-friendly surfing environment, parent control and educational games.
•    Dual Camera: easy for your kids to snap down any moment or record when he wants. Unleash his imagination and have the fun with it.
•    Silicone Case: a very important protection for your kids’ tablet — shock-proof, dust-proof. While the vibrant color and soft touch add to the cute appearance.

Dual Boot Tablet Now On Sale

Dragon Touch i8 Pro 8″ is also a 2015 model and features a dual boot setup, with Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4, which can be easily switched with a warm restart; the tablet comes with intel Z3735G quad core processor up to 1.83Ghz, 8 inch IPS display 1280×800, 1Gb Ram, 32Gb Nand Flash, 5.0MP real Camera w/ auto focus, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI, and also supports Windows 10.

Detailed specs of this powerful yet cheap Android tablet:

•    Dual OS in one tablet: Windows 8.1 & Android 4.4 KitKat, easily switch under warm restart. Windows for work and Android for entertainment.
•    IPS (In-plane switching) Display: 1280 x 800 HD resolution screen with IPS technology, you got sharp, crisp, and lifelike images on the screen, viewing from any angle.
•    Intel Quad Core Processor: Intel Baytrial Z3735G with a speed up to 4 x 1.83 GHz, apps boot up quickly. Multi-tasking such as gaming, watching films, listening to music,surfing is smooth.
•    Expandable memory: 32GB on board memory and TF card slot support expanding to 64 GB for storing tons of apps, ebooks, songs, and other files.
•    Powerful ports: Micro USB port supports transferring data from your tablet to computer; While with micro HDMI port, connecting to projector is easy. Then you can control your PPT presentation via your tablet under Windows system.

Continue reading