AKASO F250A FPV RC Racing Drones + HD Camera Review


Not everyone is experienced and expert in flying a drone. And of course for them it is mandatory to choose one of the best drones that is ideal for hobby users and beginners. The AKASO F250A Racing Drone website)is one such drone for you which is excellent for the beginners. It has a lot of great features which have made this product really a versatile one. It consists of first person view feature along with a high-definition camera of 2 megapixels. There are many more besides this such as the LCD screen and wireless transmission. Read on to know more details about this racing drone. This drone is specially designed for racing of drone. If any of the components get damaged due to racing, it can be changed within few minutes.

What Are The Key Features?
Features are the main attraction of any devices. With great features, the product gets better and functions better. So, before buying any product the first and foremost thing that you need to check is the features. So, the key features of one of the best FPV RC Racing drones are –

– This is FPV 250 size racer which has a built-in TS5823 FPV video transmitter. So, whatever video it will record while flying will be transmitted live to you.
– It is completely assembled from the factory only but it comes with rechargeable battery. So, you have to charge the battery before you start flying.
– The best part about this racing drone is its build. It is very simple and easy to repair as the build is not at all complicated. Thus, it can be repaired within a moment.
– It is built up of compact carbon fiber which makes the main frame quite sturdy and durable.
– It is also equipped with LED lights for low battery indications and other essential indication and signal needed to fly the drone.
– Once the battery is charged fully it has about 10 to 14 minutes of flight time. Thus, whether you want to race or capture videos via HD Camera you have 14 minutes of time which is pretty decent.
– It also comes with an LCD display which measures about 4.3 inches. This shows all the essential details about the drone and its location, battery etc.

What Are The Specifications?
The specifications of this racing drone are really worth mentioning:
– The frame diameter of the AKASO F250A Racing Drone is 250 mm and it comes along CC3D with SBUS flight controller.

– The FPV Transmitter is about TS5823 and consists of a brushless motor which is 2300 KV 1-3S Voltage.

– The battery is quite good with 1800 mAH power 25c 3S LiPo.

– The flight distance that it can travel from the starting point is 200 to 500 metre.

– It is controlled via a remote which is quite powerful. The remote control has 6 channel HT6+HT6DR.

What You Will Get?
On unboxing, you will get all the essential things that are needed for these FPV RC Racing drones. In the box there is one quadcopter along with a remote controller, a LiPoly charger and also an AV transmitter. Besides these, of course there are battery (specs mentioned above), 4.3 inch LCD display screen, 8 blades for the drone, a holder and a battery for the LCD display, a bag for carrying it wherever you go and also one user manual guide. Thus, for any queries and confusion on how to fly it you can take the help of the manual. It will guide you about the controlling and setting up of the drone to make it ready to fly.

How Is This Racing Drone?
If you are looking for a good quality superior racing drone for the beginners then this is the best one you can buy. It is fun and entertaining. At the same time it also shows you a beautiful bird’s eye view from the top with the help of its HD camera while flying. It is a kind of addictive to the new users and of course you need to recharge the battery every time you use. Since the flight time is about 10 to 14 minutes make sure that you charge it well before flying. You have to assemble all the parts one by one taking the help of the manual guide which may take some time if you are new to this. Thus, you can also take the help of an expert to assemble for the first time.

After the assembling is done, you need to fly it in a closed or space or open but make sure it is not too far or not too high. It will take some time for you to get used to this drone. Once you get used to it, you have to start practicing each day to fly it. Since it is very easy and simple to operate and use, you will learn it very quickly. After that you can play it with other friends to race your drone and also to shoot some breathtaking and marvelous videos around you. With the help of the good quality high-definition camera, you will be able to capture every bit of the scenery.

Customer Feedback
The best thing about this drone is that each and every customer who has bought this racing drone is highly impressed with it. After reading and researching a lot on the customer services, it is tested and proved to be brilliant. It is really a great one and everyone who has bought this has recommended highly getting this one.

So, undoubtedly if you are looking for one of the best FPV RC racing drones then you need to buy this AKASO F250A racing drone(amazon) for yourself. With a few practices in the beginning you can fly it without any problem. Since this drone is made for the beginners and hobby users only it has very simple operations. Controlling and operating it is not at all difficult for you. So, if you are looking for a racing drone and cannot find the right one, then here is the one. You need to get this and try it once. You will surely love the way it works and performs without any hassle.

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Akaso F250A Drone is designed for racing.It has a high-definition camera, can provide FPV.Here we learn it from many angles.


Drone technology has come a long way since it was first invented. As of now, it is possible to buy a lightweight drone for personal entertainment. Most drones are quite entertaining besides being quite durable. If you have always wanted to own a drone, the Akaso F250A Drone is among the best. The Akaso F250A FPV RC Racing Drones have all the features that you would need to make owning one a fun activity.


The drone comes in a quadcopter design. The four rotating blades are a great way of ensuring stability during flight. They are great when you are trying to make hard turns without losing control of the drone. The Akaso F250A FPV RC Racing Drones are made of a very sturdy frame. This makes them resistant to breakage in case of a nasty fall. For a racing drone, you want something that has a sturdy frame such as this. The frame is made of carbon fiber. It is a material that is renowned for being sturdy and light.


The drone comes with a powerful transmitter. The 5.8 Ghz transmitter means you do not have to worry about losing transmission capability if someone passes in front of you during flight. This drone comes with First Person View capabilities. In addition, it comes with a purpose-built screen. As a result, you do not have to worry about compatibility issues like some that use a phone that you attach to the drone.

The controller is a sight to behold. It has speed controllers and flight controllers. As a result, you are always assured of being able to keep your drone in flight. It has a very agronomical design for making those quick decisions. All the buttons are placed within easy reach for ease of use. For beginners, this will be a fun drone to won.

The drone also comes with a powerful battery. The 1800mHA battery will give you around fourteen minutes of flight. In addition, charging it is relatively fast. In just two hours, you can have your drone fully charge. Besides that, Akaso offers buyers the option to purchase an extra battery. That means you can have another battery for use during your time having fun. The battery can be detached quite easily from the drone. As a result, you can have two batteries to increase flight time.

Another feature is that this drone comes with a tool kit. As a result, if any part gets damaged, you can replace it in a matter of minutes or less. The tool kit is designed to reach into all spaces of the drone for removing damaged parts and adding new one. It is important to note that the drone comes with eight propellers. That means one has four extra propellers to replace damaged ones during an accident.

Another feature worth noting is that it has a modular design. As a result, you are unlikely to lose your drone in the case of an accident during a flight. The company behind this drone provides customers with replacement parts upon placing an order. This drone is unbreakable and is unlikely to go out of commission due to one nasty fall.

The Camera

The drone is fitted with a powerful camera which gives live feeds during flight. It has a clear view and comes with stabilizers. As a result, your video during flight is not shaky or distorted. The camera is 2 megapixels, which is quite powerful for a small drone. The screen is also quite powerful. It has a display area of 4.3 inches. This is more than enough for most drone operators. This screen can be mounted onto the controller for ease of use. In addition, it is mounted in a position that does not obscure the operator’s hands.


The Akaso F250A FPV RC Racing Drones are great gadgets for people who want to learn about drones. They are easy to use and only require a few minutes of reading the manual to understand. Newbies will have a great time using these drones. They come assembled from the factory. As a result, you do not have to waste a lot of time trying to understand where all the components fit.

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