Dragon Touch M10X 10-Inch Quad Core Dual Camera 16 GB Tablet PC Review


Are you looking for a Touch Tablet? Do you want all the developed features and advanced facilities? If yes, then you can consider the and exciting Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet. This’s a Dragon product. Currently, Dragon Touch Tablets are becoming more popular for the easy to use features and the latest Window opening systems. The overall design and performances of these tablets are also satisfactory.

Nowadays tablets are not considered expensive. You can get a tablet at a reasonable price. But in the Dragon tablets, you can get all the features without hurting your budget. If you are looking for the good quality tablets then no one can match well with the Dragon. Do you want to buy one of the most popular Dragon tablets? Do you want to know all the advanced features and utilities? For your help, below is the review of the Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet Tablet. In this review, you will come to know about the product, features, specification with both positive and negative points. Go through all the details to know the features and usages of this tablet.

You will find the features easy and convenient. In this tablet, sending the emails, browsing the internet and the watching the entertaining programs are fluent. It is perfect for watching movies and reading books in your chair or bed. As it comes with IPS screen, you will find it more comfortable to read your eBooks. The size is compact and it is super portable for traveling. In fact, you can enjoy your traveling more with this tablet as it comes with Bluetooth and other entertaining features. The operating system is also very easy. You can easily download any app from pre-installed Google Play Store. It comes with 16GB memory that can be expandable upto 32 GB memory. Hence, you will find enough space for the texts, movies, songs, and for other favorite programs.

Product Description
This tablet has all the features that can be utilized for the entertainment. The Quad Core power efficient MTK8127 processor provides a good performance along with the page loads and stream videos without affecting the battery life. Moreover, the Plus Android 4.4 KitKat is multi-tasking. It comes with the IPS screen that offers a wide-view angle and the 1366 x 768 resolution provides vivid and crisp content. You can easily browse it to go through your favorite eBooks and read it more conveniently. You can also pair it with the Bluetooth headset and speakers.

The screen of this tablet does not look like a cheap plastic screen. It seems very strong and durable. As it comes with IPS and big screen, you can enjoy the movies and play the games with the better viewing angles. Moreover, it delivers better images to make your programs clear and more enjoyable.

This tablet comes with the slim aluminum design. You can enjoy your entertaining program and movies on the 10.1-inch big screen. It has more than six hours standby time. Hence, you can enjoy your programs more comfortably without any interruption. With this touch tablet, you will get one-year defect warranty. You will also get the three-month manufacturing warranty coverage.

Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet comes with many developed features such as the IPS screen, easy operating system, and the slim aluminum design. Some of the key features of this touch tablet are the followings.
? Quad Core Tablet, 1GB DDR3: These features make the tablet run faster; make it easy to browse the internet, sending emails and watching movies and videos.
? 10.1-inch screen: With this big screen, you can enjoy your movies and programs more. And you can read the eBooks more comfortable laying on the bed and anywhere you will find it convenient.
? IPS Screen: This screen offers 178 degrees of view angle. This is perfect for the surfing, watching movies and is also helpful for reading the eBooks.
? Android 4.4 KitKat: Android 4.4 KitKat offers easy operating system. You can easily download the apps from the Google Play Store. That you will find pre-installed on your device.
? 16GB: it comes with the 16 GB memory but it can be expandable up to the 32 GB memory. Hence, you will find more space for your files likes music, songs, and texts.
? Aluminum design: The aluminum design not only makes it super portable for the traveling. It also enhances the look of your device. It looks great and impressive.
? The best tablet for the entertainment: It offers a great performance along with the page loads and stream videos. As it comes with six hours standby time, you can use more conveniently during traveling.

The specification of this Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet Tablet are the followings.
1. Quad Core 4×1.3 GHz
2. Wireless N (802.11b/g/n), HDMI, Bluetooth
3. Android 4.4 KitKat
4. Dual Camera, 2.0 MP plus 5.0 MP
5. 16 GB storage, 1GB RAM
6. 10.1” IPS Screen 1366×768 HD
7. G-sensor

What will come in the box?
In the box, you will get one AC Adopter, one user manual, and the USB Connection Cable with the Dragon touch Tablet.

There are many pros of this product. First of all, it is affordable and can be used by anyone without any prior experience. It comes with an easy operating system. Some of the other benefits of this product are the dual camera, the large size, built-in powerful speaker with high-quality sound, IPS, and 16GB memory. The best thing is that you will get all these advanced features within your budget.

You will not find any bad point about this Touch Tablet. Though some have complained about the design as they find it cheap, but all other things are appreciated.

In the current conditions, finding a cheap tablet is not difficult, but it is not easy to find a cheap tablet with all the developed features. And the Dragon Touch Android 4.4 M10X 10 Inch Quad-Core Dual Camera 16GB Tablet Tablet offers all the developed features at an affordable price. You can buy this one to enjoy the advanced features and facilities and to watch videos and movies, and to read eBooks more expediently.

Great performance Android tablet: Dragon Touch M10X

Dragon Touch M10X is a energy efficient and great performance Android tablet with an IPS high definition 10.1 inch display, 5 MP camera with auto focus feature, a quad core processor and 1GB memory to smoothly run and multitask the apps as well as a 16GB Nand Flash storage. It has dual webcams of front 2MP and rear 5MP with auto focus for taking still photos and live videos and both are clear.

Slim Aluminum Design: Sleek and modern white and gold aluminium Dragon Touch M10X weighs just 1.2 pounds and has the measurements of 10.60 x 6.70 x 0.40 inches and it is very portable so you can take it anywhere you go and it has the built-in GPS sensor that allows you to navigate with an offline map and Bluetooth so you can can connect Bluetooth enables headphones, speakers and more wirelessly and it will be easy and convenient to use when you’re out and about.Reading or watching video/movie on the 10.1 inch big screen, you will not miss any detail.Along with popular features like GPS, Bluetooth, it will be much entertaining and convenient in your travel. With more than 6 hours standby time, there is plenty of juice to get you through a trip.

Operating System: Google Android 4.4 KitKat, easily download applications from pre-installed Google Play Store. 16 GB on board memory storage and expandable up to 32 GB, store more files like songs, texts, movies, videos, etc.A Quad Core power-efficient MTK8127 processor delivers fantastic performance along with stream video and page loads without your battery life suffering. Additionally Google Android 4.4 KitKat ensures smooth multi-tasking.

It comes with a reliable 12 month defect warranty by Tablet Express and a US based on-time customer and technical support with firmware updated regularly.

Overall, For basic gaming, web browsing, emails, and even quick video chats with family, it works great and the interface is snappy. This would be fine for kids, students, or anyone that wants a basic tablet without a high price tag.The original price of Dragon Touch M10X is $113.99,Now You can take it home only $91.19.