A Detailed And Informative Dragon Touch M7 Review


The Dragon Touch M7,Quad Core 8 GB tablet is specially designed to ensure the users get almost all what they need in terms of efficiency and comfort in use. This particular tablets has state of the art features which are made in a modern way to provide high quality performance. It is also designed in a way that its exterior appearance make it be regarded as one of the most elegant gadgets. The makers of this tablet have considered the needs of the modern users and as a result they have worked to ensure the users are satisfied especially the younger users who need proper entertainment and convenience in use. To understand about this particular tablet it is important to go through its feature so as to know how they work and their benefits.

Features and specifications
Some of the primary features of this modern tablet include that it has a 7 inch HD IPS display. This particular display has been made in a way that users of the tablet are able to view the images sharply practically from any angle. This is one of the most importnt features especially for the people who love entertainment and therefore like seeing clear images. The tablet has a 4x digital zoom which allow users to properly capture images which are some distance away. The display of this tablet is very interactive and friendly where almost any user can use it.
This tablets is also one of the fastest when it comes to executing different commands. It comes with a 1.3GHz dual core processor which is complimented by a RAM of 1 GB. This allows the tablet to do faster application launch, faster websites load time and do proper multitasking without wasting time. It also comes with an 8GB memory which gives the users freedom to capture long videos and many images which are stored on this large memory so that they can be transferred later.
Connecting this tablet with other devices is also simple since it comes with different ports that are meant to help it connect with external devices such as computers. Consequently, users can readily take pictures and record videos using this tablet and then transfer them to other devices. This is further complimented by the fact that the tablet comes with high performing Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth functions. These different functions are used to connect the tablet and can be easily turned off when the users do not need them.
Another important feature of this tablet is that it has a long battery life which allows it to be used for long hours without needing to be charged. When fully charged and used properly the battery of the tablet can last for up to four and a half hours. To ensure there is no wastage of power, some of the applications and features of this tablets can be switched off when they are not being used. This tablet comes with an AC charger for the mini USB port and can also charge directly from a computer’s PC port.
The dimensions of this tablet are a length of twenty one inches, a width of eight point nine inches, a height of six inches and a total weight of one point two pounds. This is an ideal size which makes using, carrying and storing this tablet convenient. Furthermore, the tablet comes with clear and detailed instructions which are easy to understand. This makes sure that it can be used even by people who have never used it before since they just need to follow these simple instructions. This is further complimented by that the different icons are well arranged where the users can see everything clearly without having to struggle. In case users experience problems with the tablet they can easily and conveniently contact support where they will get all the necessary help.
To give users the assurance that the tablet is of the highest quality and performs optimally, it comes with warranties. Majority of the additional elements that might be needed for this tablet to function properly are included on the package. The ones that are not included are easily found from different places which are known to sell quality products.

Some of the positive attributes of the Dragon Touch M7,Quad Core 8 GB include that almost all of its features are technologically oriented. This is an important attribute since it makes the tablet one of the best in the modern days. Another positive feature is that the tablet has the ability to capture high quality videos and still images. This is one of the most important features that people check while purchasing a tablet. The long battery life is also helpful especially for people who enjoy going outdoors where there are no sources of power.
Having a large memory is also a primary positive attribute because users of the tablet can store many things on the tablet and then transfer them later. Furthermore, the fact that the tablet can be easily connected to other gadgets also plays an important role because people always want to store the images and videos they take in a safe place. The different wireless connections including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also helpful since the users are able to use the tablet more conveniently. The detailed and simple instructions that come with this tablet are very useful especially for people who might be using the tablet for the first time. The nice and elegant design of the tablet makes it more enjoyable to use.

There are a few negative aspects of this tablet with one of these negative attributes being that it is not compatible with some of the externel gadget. However, it is compatible with the majority of the ones that are commonly used therefore making it conveneint to use. Another negative attribute is that some people might struggle using it even if it comes with instruction. But after using it for some times the users are able to understand how all its features work.

It is evident that the Dragon Touch M7,Quad Core 8 GB tablet is ideal for people who enjoy high quality entertainment and good performance. The makers of this tablets have worked hard to make sure they meet the needs of the users especially the younger users. The different modern features compliment each other to make the tablet one of the most advanced gadget. Therefore, this particular tablet is specially made to meet the needs of people who like using highly performing tablets.

An appropriate Tablet for Children: Dragon Touch M7

The Dragon Touch M7 tablet running Android 5.0 Lollipop Firmware. Stream music or sound to a Bluetooth speaker without issue as well. This has served you as a work PC for emails, sending docs, reviewing doc.Tablet handled all these task well and was ready for more. Built in wifi supports,Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS.With a vibrant 7” HD IPS display that keeps the picture sharp from practically any angle, you have entertainment to go.The M7 brings all your content to life, beautifully. and the tablet is suitable for kids. why? Following analysis from three aspects: Color, Size,Surfing Environment


If you are getting Dragon Touch M7 tablet for kids, it may be worthwhile to note that this tablet comes in three different colors. You can pick from Dragon Touch M7 Black and White,Dragon Touch M7 Blue,and Dragon Touch M7 Red. Even if you are an adult wanting to purchase this tablet for your own use, the different colors and sometime still be appealing. And of purchasing for a kid, the color Will make it easier to find.


It has a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024×600 HD,and it is very light. 7-inch size is very suitable for kids.It is very easy to carry around in kids’small bag.

Kid-friendly Surfing Environment

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There is no question that with this tablet, They all work flawlessly. The Dragon Touch M7 has many positive customer reviews. You can buy it for your children on Dragon Touch M7 Product page.